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Why You Should Prepare for the 2024 Crypto Cycle Now!

Thousands of MILLIONAIRES are made every single cycle! Will you be one of them?

Do you like money?

If you knew there was a roadmap to obtain it very quickly, wouldn’t you want to read it, to study it, to immerse yourself in it?

The opportunity for profits goes way beyond any investment or money-making opportunity I have ever seen or heard of and most likely the best in the history of investments. There is absolutely ZERO reason to not have at least a % of your investment portfolio allocated to cryptocurrency.

No, you do NOT have to be an experienced trader, nor do you have to have to be a technical analysis expert, an on-chain technician, or any other type of crypto “guru”. In fact, you really don’t have to have much in the way of intelligence at all to profit from the crypto treasure chest.

However, a little preparation and a little planning will go a long way to making sure you are able to make the most of this opportunity. IT IS NEVER TOO EARLY to start this preparation!

Thousands of MILLIONAIRES are made every single cycle! Without getting too detailed regarding the science of $BTC halving and crypto cycles, you should know that these cycles occur every 4 years and consist of 4 basic parts:

  1. Bull market
  2. Massive Parabolic Move Up marking the end of the bull market
  3. Massive Crash (average 80-85% each cycle)
  4. Bear Market (lasting until close to the next $BTC halving date

Then Repeat same cycle.

We are currently in the middle of our 3rd cycle if not close to the end.

The good news is, even if you missed this one, or got started late – the next major cycle is just around the corner. Cycle 4 will occur near the $BTC next halving date between Feb and June of 2024.

Ok so that’s great! How can I prepare for it?

Wait for the Bear Market

If you are not invested at all in the current cycle – there is a much higher risk in entering at this stage. The safest play is to wait for the next Bear Market. Entering now means purchasing things that are already priced MUCH higher than they were when this current cycle started. Could you enter this current cycle? Yes, but if you have no knowledge or understanding of crypto currency and how things work, then you could make some huge mistakes. For example, buying while things are booming is ALWAYS a bad idea. You would need to have the discipline to enter on the dips and crashes. This isn’t the only hurdle you are facing if you decide to enter the market now. You must also be able to determine when the end of the cycle is nearing or at the very least, when to take profits! So, I am certainly not trying to keep you out of the crypto markets for this cycle, you just need to make sure you understand the risks and that you have at least some fundamental knowledge of where we are at in the cycle. Don’t make investment decisions based from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) or FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, or Greed).

For those who don’t have this knowledge, the safest play is to wait for the next Bear Market which will likely occur sometime next year (2022).

This of course DOES NOT mean do nothing until then. Below are some things you can do NOW so that you are ready to take advantage of and profit from the next cycle.

Save/Earn/Store as much cash as you possibly can.

As I said before, the current cycle is well underway so if you are not already invested, now is a great time to start saving your local currency. Stash as much fiat (cash) as you possibly can. If you are living paycheck to paycheck, take a second job. Shop around for cheaper ways of living to reduce expenses. Shop for cheaper insurance, cheaper cell phone plans, cheaper groceries, cheaper entertainment bills, etc. etc. etc. Do whatever you have to do to have capital ready to go for the next cycle. A little temporary pain for life changing money in only a few years is a NO BRAINER.

Here’s the cool thing:  it won’t take much. Based on the first three cycles, $50,000 in US dollars invested into a diversified crypto portfolio could easily produce over $1,000,000. And sure, while the past does NOT guarantee a repeat in the future…  we already have 3 successful cycles to validate this approach would have worked out and that these numbers are realistic. Regardless, now is the time to obtain investment capital by earning it or reducing expenses.

Take notes on current cycle and study previous cycles.

Just because you are not INVESTING in this cycle, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t educate yourself on the crypto currency space. Or, even if you are investing but you have very little knowledge around how and why the crypto cycles work, you should be industriously learning. Again, I’m not talking about becoming an expert at charting or any of the other “niche” analysis fields that exist. I’m referring to basic level understanding upon which you can use a “common sense” fundamental approach to investing your hard-earned money. Start a journal. Take notes. Do some research on the basics of the four year $BTC halving cycles. Study the past two cycles regarding how long they lasted and what happened to price before, during and after. Catch up on the current cycle and compare to the first two. Take note of the strongest performers during each cycle. Especially note which crypto currencies are performing the best during this current cycle. This information can help you when it comes time to setting up your portfolio which brings me to my next point.

Determine how you will setup your portfolio (diversification, weight, balance).

While you may not know exactly how much money you will be able to afford to invest, you should be able to at least estimate. Begin planning how much you will allocate and how you will diversify your portfolio. The idea of being “all in” any single cryptocurrency is a very BAD IDEA and extremely high risk. At the same time, you don’t want to be over-diversified either. The best way to provide some stability to your portfolio, spread your risk out a little bit, and still take advantage of the potential for huge profits is to have a basket that is balanced with “Blue Chip” cryptocurrencies and another that has higher risk small cap alt coins. Blue chips are generally more established, performance proven, well known and have a higher market capitalization. These should form the foundation of your portfolio and have the highest capital allocation. The remainder of your portfolio allocation can go into the smaller cap, higher risk alt coins. These alt coins can have incredible, mind-blowing gains, but also have a much higher risk as they are generally not as established because of the incredible competition amongst other alt coins. You can use the current cycle as a practice by setting up a “pretend” portfolio based on the estimated amount of capital you plan to invest and see how it would be preforming based. Play around with different blue chip/alt setups and allocations and see how they would be performing for you.

Be careful who you listen to.

I mentioned FOMO & FUD earlier for a very good reason. While you can obtain a vast amount of news, research, and general information regarding the cryptocurrency space via social media, it is also plagued with the extremes of FOMO & FUD. A new person can easily get carried away or caught up in the Wild West extremes of this space. Exercise extreme caution when navigating these media venues while you are obtaining information. Question everything, investigate, check, and double check all your information and news sources. Do not rely solely on the opinions of any one person or entity. As incredible as this space is for making insane amounts of money, crypto is also littered with scams.

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Get a free trading signal every month!
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