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Arising Blockchain Career opportunities

Many amazing career opportunities are already emerging through blockchain around the world; even MNCs are hiring!

The latest skills index shows that Blockchain expertise is now one of the hottest job skills in the United States according to the latest research. Did you predict this? The technology that is now a major career opportunity for professionals was very obscure a decade ago.  

Blockchain skills are in high demand. As it has so many possible applications, it is looking for those who have the skill set to handle this new technology. Not everyone is cut out for these fantastic job opportunities, just like with any other opportunity. Employers want to entrust their investment to someone who has the skill sets that make them want to invest in you.  

Who is hiring

Let’s begin by exploring who these potential employers are. Crypto industry employers include:  

  • Industries – Companies such as banks, accountancy firms, oil & gas, insurance, retailers, as well as law offices are interested in keeping pace with technology.
  • Startups – The Blockchain has led to the creation of independent businesses and products.
  • Tech firms – If Blockchain technology takes over the world, these are the companies that stand to lose the most. It is crucial that they assemble all the expertise they can as they try to shift to a decentralized system.
  • Governments –  Crypto experts have been hired by many governments as advisors. Blockchain is becoming increasingly popular among governments due to its many benefits; Blockchain professionals are in high demand.

Different Blockchain Career Options

There are already several career options available in Blockchain technology, despite it being a relatively new technology. Others are more flexible, while some require specialized skills. Below are a few examples:  

Blockchain developer

Companies are in high demand for Blockchain developers with experience exploring Blockchain platforms. Because people are eager to realize the many benefits of Blockchain, blockchain development might be the most marketable career path today. Due to their high position, these individuals must pay close attention to details. Blockchain developers develop blockchain applications. Blockchain developers are usually well versed in C++, Python, and Javascript.

Blockchain Application Developer

Using blockchain technology and its architecture, blockchain application developers create software applications. Blockchain-based applications are also known as decentralized apps or DApps. In other words, they aren’t necessarily owned by one person and are very secure against cybersecurity attacks. These dApps are developed primarily by blockchain software engineers on the front end and back end.  

Blockchain project manager

In this role, the individual will be responsible for connecting Blockchain projects with experts who will develop Blockchain solutions. Blockchain project managers must possess traditional project management skills. Technical knowledge is a must as well. In addition to excellent communication skills, one should also be adept at providing useful updates to non-technical workers, seeking resources from higher authorities, and so on.  

Blockchain UX designer

Blockchain is integrating into so many industries that its design and user interface are becoming critical. Creating a user interface that creates trust and is engaging to regular users is the responsibility of a Blockchain designer. People in this line of work need to be detail-oriented, artistic, but most importantly hardworking because they will spend countless hours in front of the computer.  

Blockchain quality engineer

A quality assurance engineer ensures the quality of each area of the project in any development environment. By making sure that all operations in a Blockchain development environment are of excellence, a Blockchain engineer plays a similar role. Also known as testing and automation, they are responsible for testing and automating blockchain frameworks. As far as attention to detail is concerned, these individuals should have a third eye because even a small mistake on their part affects everyone who uses their technology. Maintaining good work relationships also requires excellent communication skills.  

Blockchain legal consultant

When an organization attempts to integrate Blockchain into its systems, legal issues arise, of course. Legal expertise is sought by companies as they launch this new technology as well as when they make investment decisions. The first thing they are interested in is the implications of their actions, the second is how to handle their finances, and finally how to manage their identity. Proper communication skills are essential for such a person. As Blockchain is a technology without borders, such people should also be well versed in their international law, just as they should know a lot of universal languages.  

What are the Core Skills for Getting a Job in Blockchain?

Even though all Blockchain jobs are unique, there are still certain skills that will enhance your chances of finding a career in this field. If you are just interested in the peripherals of Blockchain, a passing familiarity with these concepts should suffice for you. Some of these concepts are crucial if you want a job in the core or as a developer.  

1. Cryptography

Cryptography is essential if you want to work in Blockchain core. Cryptography provides the security factor for cryptocurrency transactions and it is based on public-key cryptography, which is the basis of cryptocurrency. The cryptographic hash function can also be used to produce output from given input based on the given input.  

2. Smart Contracts

A smart contract is a contract made by two parties without the use of an intermediary that is fundamental to blockchain technology. In several industries, smart contracts are so successful because they remove the need for third parties and save time and money. To become a blockchain developer, you should therefore be familiar with this concept as many languages in Blockchain depend on smart contracts, such as Viper and Chain code.  

3. Data Structures

Computer science is based on data structures, which are also crucial to the blockchain model. Blocks in the Blockchain are essentially data structures that contain a 32-bit number that identifies each piece of data. This means that as both a Blockchain Application Developer and a Core Blockchain Developer, you will work extensively with a wide range of data structures.  

4. Blockchain Architecture

Blockchain architecture should be thoroughly understood. Basically, there are 3 kinds of architectures: Group architectures that are centralized, Private architectures where only a few people are part of the system, and Public architectures that are distributed. Energy Web Foundation, Sawtooth, and Bitcoin are some popular examples of these three types of architectures.  

5. Web Development

You will build many web-based applications if you are a Blockchain Application Developer. A thorough understanding of web development is necessary in such a situation. It is also necessary for you to be proficient in web design and development along with Blockchain, since you will need to create Blockchain dApps that people with no or little experience in Blockchain can use.  

6. Communication Skills

The skills you will need for your role will depend on whether you are on the corporate or project management side of Blockchain. You should be able to understand the development cycle of Blockchain as a quality engineer or the project manager, and to communicate that knowledge to your nontechnical coworkers and supervisors that are in charge of Blockchain deployment within your organization.  


We have provided a basic overview of the career opportunities in Blockchain and the skills that are required. Opportunities in Blockchain technology will continue to grow as it develops. Blockchain Expertise will remain a hot commodity for years and years to come because the blockchain is here to stay. You should consider a career in blockchain whether you are a techie or not.  


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