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New York Yankees partners with NYDIG to pay employees in Bitcoin

Young workers are increasingly interested in Bitcoin-related benefits in their paychecks, according to NYDIG research.

According to a press release that was issued jointly with the New York Yankees, the team has announced a multi-year partnership with institutional bitcoin service provider NYDIG so that its employees can be paid with bitcoin. In order to bridge the gap between Bitcoin and traditional finance, organizations such as the Yankees can partner with third-party providers to offer a solution that bridges the gap between the two.

In a study conducted by NYDIG, 36% of employees under 30 were willing to allocate a portion of their salaries to bitcoin as part of their salary allocation plan. One out of three of these employees said that if presented with two identical jobs at two different employers, they would choose the company that allowed them to get paid in bitcoin if the choice were between two identical jobs at two different employers.

We are always looking for innovative ways to expand and improve our employee experience, NYDIG made it easy to add Bitcoin to our roster of benefits, and we look forward to leveraging the NYDIG platform to offer this opportunity to our employees.

Aryn Sobo, VP of Human Resources – Yankees

We’re proud to partner with our hometown team and an iconic sports franchise, the Yankees, to further our mission of bringing bitcoin to all, NYDIG is committed to helping our clients realize the full potential of bitcoin while providing the service and standards that have made our name synonymous with trust. For employees of the Yankees and beyond, the opportunity to allocate a small slice of their paycheck to a Bitcoin Savings Plan can be one of the most efficient ways to save bitcoin, and the dollar-cost averaging can smooth out the bumps along the way. We commend the Yankees for understanding the competitive opportunities and the value of providing bitcoin options for their organization.

Kelly Brewster, Chief Marketing Officer – NYDIG

In an effort to build an infrastructure for companies and financial institutions looking to operate within the Bitcoin ecosystem, NYDIG, a bitcoin-only firm that provides infrastructure for companies and financial institutions, is offering its Bitcoin Savings Plan (BSP) to the famous Major League Baseball (MLB) team as the league’s official bitcoin payroll platform.


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